The pink trend continues

In case it hasn’t come up, I’m sort of pink-obsessed, and thus when I hear pink is ‘on trend’, I get excited. It’s great to fit in!

Want to add this natural blushing hue into your makeup arsenal this spring? Here are tips from celeb makeup artist Brett Freedman:


Brett hearts PosieTint, a poppy pink cheek stain from Benefit. Dab on apples of cheeks and sweep upward and back toward the temples. A little dab on chin gives an uber natural radiance.


To balance the cheek stain, try a soft pink on lips with Brett’s own Vanitymark Dr. KISS satin finish lip balm. Though the balm is baby blue, it has 4% of that ‘mood lipstick’ ingredient to give lips a little lift of pink color. It’s your personal, customized pink shade!


What makes pink so healthy on the face can actually work against you around the eyes. The key here is to stay in the family of the pink tone, but with a more solid shade as a base – like taupes with pink undertones. Try this springy custom MAC trio of colors from the hot new Liberty of London collection:

* Lid: Give me Liberty of London – a creamy matte shade to set the stage.
* Crease: Bough Grey – work from outer corner and sweep arching up and inward. This mid tone should fade to sheer after mid eye.
* Shimmery highlight: Dames Desire – Using a tight brush moistened with water, use the shadow as an eyeliner very close to lash line around eye, top and bottom. Set against the matte lid this light catching lilac shadow gives great definition by using light reflective shimmer, not dark pigments.


Continue the unique, subtle pink hues through to lashes with Givenchy’s Phenomenon mascara in Plum. Curl lashes and apply mascara to top and bottom lashes. Brett’s tip: curl lashes after mascara dries to give extra pop. When using lighter, subtle shadows it’s important to keep lashes very bold and crisp.


2 Responses to “The pink trend continues”

  1. 1 Claudia
    April 19, 2010 at 4:30 pm

    Pink anything clothes or make-up is such a great pick me up. It really brightens my mood. Clinque has some amazing pink lip glosses that I use as my go-to when I feel ‘blue’.

  2. April 19, 2010 at 11:43 pm

    Pink is a great color, but honestly, I’m getting a little over-saturated with it. Everywhere you turn, some company is offering a “pink for the cure” product. It’s great that breast cancer research is getting some funding, but it seems so cold and commercialized. It’s also frustrating that it’s like breast cancer is the only cancer that matters. My dad, both his parents, and I think three of his grandparents all died from different kinds of cancer. Yeah, I have a lot of baggage that comes out when I see pink everywhere right now.

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