Zurich Day 2: I climbed a mountain!

OK guys, I’m about to share something that will blow your mind.

Yesterday, I climbed a mountain!!! Yes, me!!!

OK, to tell the truth…I actually hiked up a mountain…which I learned is a lot like walking. And I only did so because I needed to get up the mountain to get to my dinner. (Honestly, it was very much like Moses, if you think about it.)

The location in question was Uto Kulm, which is atop the Uetliberg, 871 meters above sea level, in the middle of an unspoilt green area.

We took a tram, to a train, to said hike because it cannot be accessed by car — this helps to preserve the setting.

I must say, I whined a bit going to the top. I was grateful to be wearing my Uggs, but seriously – it’s mighty rainy and foggy here in Switzerland this week, and the concept of hiking up the side of a mountain in that sort of weather made me feel very horror-movie-esque. But it was so so worth it. Except, obviously, with all the fog, we never actually saw the famous view of the alps. Which I suppose was the reason for climbing in the first place…
Had it not been such weather, our view would have been amazing. The restaurant has a covered sun terrace, which lets you eat Swiss cuisine while gazing upon the Panorama. Oh well, we instead gazed upon our wine and prosciutto-wrapped chicken breast…which was beautiful in its own right!


1 Response to “Zurich Day 2: I climbed a mountain!”

  1. May 7, 2010 at 1:20 am

    Ohhh sounds fun! Even though the view isn’t perfect with the weather… when we went to Italy and were looking down at Capri we had that problem but by day’s end it got better. Get me some chocolate girly. 😉 Looove Switzerland, even though I was only there for a day trip.

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