Obsession Alert: Avon Glazewear Lip Gloss

Oh, blog, I’ve been neglecting you.

If it makes you feel any better, I’ve been seriously been neglecting my home, and well, sleep, as well.

But I can say that in the last three weeks – of which I spent three nights at home – I’ve developed a new hardcore obsession. I one that came with me to the Mayan ruins of Mexico, the ash-ridden skies of Europe, and the SCAD fashion show in Savannah, I had an Avon Glazewear with me at all times.

The thing is: I’m a very unstable person. I need balance. I cannot commit to even what innards to put in my burrito, so when choosing new lip shades, I can have an internal struggle so deep that steam comes out of my ears and what’s sitting on my lips ceases to matter.

But during the month of May, Avon is selling the Glazewear for $1.99 each – which means I can own every single one of their 16 shades, and not put a dent in my wallet. Hell, I can pretend to be generous and pick up shades for those around me and still not feel the pain.

And, so, yes, I own Glazewear in every single shade. And I like it, honestly, more so than because of the excellent sticker shock – because my always dry-and-abused (over-flying, much?) lips just FEEL good when I wear them. Plus, they come in sparkle and shine and other finishes…meaning I can be as unbalanced as I wish!


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