Embrace Your Geekness Day!

Update: My computer arrived this weekend, and I am a very happy camper. Everything is going splendidly so far!

And, yes, I’ve been embracing my inner geek since.

Interestingly, July 13 — tomorrow — is Embrace Your Inner Geekness Day, and in honor of this holiday the Geek Squad will be ringing the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange. In celebration of this event, Geek Squad put together some “DIY easy tech fixes” with common household products that all civilians can use and embrace their inner geekness while helping to fix common technology problems. It’s so helpful I had to share it here!

How to clean your flat-screen TV

In most cases, cleaning a flat-screen TV is simple. Before you do anything, make sure the television is off. Then, use a micro fiber cloth lightly dampened with a 50/50 mix of water and denatured alcohol to gently wipe down the entire television. Never use a bottle of glass cleaner. Some manufactures offer screen cleaning kits that work great.

How to kill keyboard crud

More goodies may lurk in your keyboard than live under your couch, as crumbs from every muffin or sandwich you’ve eaten at your desk wind up in between the keys. Unplug the keyboard, and then turn it upside down and shake out the cookie crumbs and edible artifacts. For a more advanced cleaning to get rid of both dirt and germs, use a can of compressed air and an antibacterial wipe to really get it squeaky clean.

How to dry out your wet cell phone

If you accidentally drop your cell phone in water, whether enjoying a day at the beach in the Summer or being the victim of an April shower, the most important action (after it is removed from the water, of course) is to remove the battery. If the battery remains in the phone it can fry the circuits, leaving you with a dead phone and no lifelines. The next step is to remove your SIM card (if your phone has one). This card contains all of your contact info, so if you aren’t able to resurrect your phone, you will at least save your contact information. Next, try drying it out by placing it in an air tight container with packets of silica gel to absorb the moisture (you can find these at any outdoor store or packed in with a new pair of shoes). Uncooked rice can also be a substitute for the silica packets.

How to clean your camera

There are a few things you can do to clean a camera. First (of course), make sure it’s off. Then use a can of compressed air to blow out any dust from the camera. You can also use a camera lens cleaner with a lens cloth to shine up the lens and get rid of any marks or finger prints. You can use a dry toothbrush to remove dirt from those hard to reach crevices.

How to make sure you don’t damage your gear

While many household items can be helpful for your gear, there are a few that you should NOT use on your electronics. Avoid using a household cleaning product on your electronics since their contents vary. Many household cleaning products contain ammonia, bleach or even lotions, which can leave streaks, marks, or even leak into your television and creep up on the other side. To be safe, you should generally avoid all of them. A good rule of thumb is to never use glass cleaning products on your electronics. Paper towels should also be avoided, as they leave behind lint, and in some cases, scratch your electronics. There are specific cleaning products, such as cans of compressed air, computer monitor wipes/television wipes, etc.


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