Survey Reveals Modern-Day Dating Behaviors

What’s your dating routine?

A survey recently conducted by Waggle Dance Marketing Research and commissioned by Barcardi Limon Flavored Rum reveals the ins and outs of dating and flirtation behaviors, party attitudes and relationship tips.

According to the recent study, the top five cities in the United States for finding love are Denver, Houston, New York, Chicago, and Minneapolis. (I don’t necessarily agree.)  You may be at a disadvantage if you are living in Sacramento, Tampa, Detroit, Philadelphia, or Cleveland because the results indicated that they are the most difficult cities to find a potential dating partner. According to the survey, the sexiest and best looking people in the United States can be found in Los Angeles, New York City, Dallas, Phoenix, and Miami. Cleveland, Detroit, Sacramento, Philadelphia, and Minneapolis came in at the opposite end of the scale with the lowest rankings.

Nightlife Behavior:

The study revealed that women are more interested in frequenting bars to socialize with friends while men go out to aggressively look for a potential partner. So where is the best place to meet your potential soul mate? 38% of men believe the best place to find a date is at a bar or club, while 44% of women believe that the best way to find a date is through a friend. “Having a close friend recommend a potential partner is the safest way to date” says Brody. “Your friends are the ones who know you best and are the perfect source for suggesting and introducing you to a compatible partner”. According to the survey the most important factors for selecting a bar, nightclub or lounge for a night out were the venue’s atmosphere and music. Of course, a night out would not be complete without a refreshing cocktail.

Most men and women believe that there are rules of bar-etiquette that they personally follow. Two thirds of these respondents believe that 2-3 seconds of eye-contact is the perfect length of time before approaching someone. About half of these respondents say they would never approach someone that they knew was in a relationship.

Social Media and Dating:

Although social media usage is on the rise, the study showcases that platforms like Facebook are not important factors to those respondents involved in the dating process. Results stated that people in Phoenix, Tampa, Boston and Atlanta are the least “social-networking savvy”, while cities like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco are the most adept. 40% of respondents said that they would not care if they were immediately sent a “friend request” on Facebook by someone they just met. However 31% thought it was flattering and 28% thought it was “creepy”. An interesting find is that a majority of the respondents who felt that this was “creepy” were from Washington D.C. “Social networking sites are a great tool to utilize when looking for a potential mate. These sites can expand your social community and connect you with people in your area who share similar interests and common goals” says Brody. “Understanding and utilizing these platforms can greatly increase your chances of meeting a potential mate.” A small 22% of respondents said that they have sent a picture of someone they would like to meet to their social network for immediate feedback.

The Pick-Up Line is Becoming Extinct:

A surprising result stated that pick-up lines are becoming a thing of the past. A mere 26% of men and 15% of women use pick up lines when they approach a potential dating partner. Half of the respondents feel that being yourself and having an honest conversation with a potential dating partner is the best approach. However, over 80% of those who do use pick up lines believe that they work. “Most people perceive those who use pick-up lines as having poor social skills and a desperate attitude” says Brody.

Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus:

The survey additionally found that women and men differ on the type of person they typically date. Women are more likely to be interested in older, wiser and wealthier men while men are more likely to be attracted to younger women who have no strings attached. Does this confirm the age old belief that women mature faster than men? Women seem to be more focused and concerned with inner beauty when choosing a potential mate. The majority of women in the survey believe that personality is the most attractive element in the opposite sex while men tend to believe that facial appearance and physique are the most appealing traits.

Men and women also have very different opinions when it comes to hooking up. When asked how long they typically wait before hooking up with their date, half of women responded that two months is the appropriate amount of time while half of men say anywhere between two drinks and two dates. Men are also significantly more likely to believe in one night stands than women. However, about half of the men who believe in one night stands have not had one in the last 12 months. “Men and women’s attitudes differ because of their short and long term goals. Many individuals wait a period of time before becoming sexually intimate because they are concerned with building their partner’s trust and respect” says Brody. “If an individual is not looking for a serious relationship, then they will seek out short term dating options or one night stands to fulfill their emotional needs.”


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