Spring Cleaning Can Make You Money

Obviously spring cleaning gives your space a flash of freshness and just may make your cluttered apartment guest-ready, but did you know it can give you a financial boost too?

Clearing the clutter will not only clean out your closets, but it will lead to some savings.
Get Rid of Gadgets – Your old laptop, cell phone and MP3 player are just gathering dust. Now is the time to eliminate that stash of stuff and get some money for it. Head to Gazelle.com before April 15 to take advantage of a 5% cash back bonus when you sell your old gadgets. Gazelle pays people for their old computer equipment, DVDs and more. Use coupon code SPRING11 at checkout to get your extra money.
Uncover Forgotten Purchases – Have you ever found something you forgot you bought? Perhaps your deep clean will unearth a hidden treasure like unused office supplies, a page-turner on you books-to-read list, or an old birthday gift you can throw on eBay. Think of spring cleaning as a mini treasure hunt. Who knows what you’ll find!
Pile Up Change – It’s likely lurking in your couch cushions, kitchen cabinets or in your underwear drawer. Loose change is all over the place and when you gather it up you may be surprised by how much you actually have. Coinstar says the average home has about $90 worth but right now you’ll only need to take $40 of that loose change to a Coinstar machine in order to parlay it into a $50 iTunes gift card. This special promo ends May 3.
Learn to Love Your Home Again – Once you’ve dusted, de-cluttered and disinfected your home you may find a new love for it. Instead of being surrounded by a mess, you’ll likely find yourself in a space you enjoy spending time in. And of course, staying home can be a great way to stick to your budget.

That’s unless you are a slave to takeout, that is…


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