Royal Wedding Countdown/Obsession: The Cost of Prince William and Kate’s Big Wedding Day

London may be the site for the upcoming Royal Wedding, but the whole world seems to be eagerly awaiting (aka RIDICULOUSLY OBSESSED WITH) the April 29 nuptials of Kate Middleton and Prince William.

Hard to believe, but Prince Charles’s marriage to Diana Spencer is said to have cost about $48 million. Wondering how much it’s going to cost to pull of this fantasy wedding?

Here is a financial break down of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s big wedding day.

Bridal Makeup
According to the New York Daily News, Kate Middleton won’t be spending anything on makeup application on her wedding day. That’s because she’s doing it herself. The newspaper reports that she didn’t like the professional makeup job done before her engagement photos and plans to do her own makeup on her wedding day.

Bridesmaid Dresses
Although the wardrobe of the wedding party hasn’t been revealed, you can bet it’s going to be pricey. According to an Associated Press article from 1981, five bridesmaids’ dresses and two pages’ costumes cost $10,000 at the wedding of Charles and Diana.

The Engagement Ring
Kate Middleton’s gorgeous 18-carat sapphire engagement ring actually didn’t cost Prince William anything. That’s because it was owned by his mother, Princess Diana. Prince William’s father, Prince Charles, bought the ring back in 1981 for about $45,000.

Security and Police
According to CBS News, London is going to have lots of extra police working the streets during the royal wedding. They’ll be on crowd control and security—especially along the bridal procession route from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace. All that extra policing comes with a price tag estimated at more than $35 million.

An Extra Day Off
In the United Kingdom, April 29 is considered a holiday and most businesses will be closed down. Because it falls just after Easter weekend which already includes three days off for workers, many in the UK will be off work 11 days straight, only having to use three vacation days which CBS News reports will translate into a potential loss of $50 billion for the economy there.

The Honeymoon
No word on where Kate and William will spend their first days as a married couple. The honeymoon destination has been kept quiet in order to give the couple as much privacy as possible. But even though the destination is unknown, it’s likely going to be a luxurious trip. Prince Charles and Diana reportedly spent $300,000 for their two-week honeymoon cruise aboard the royal yacht Britannia.


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  1. 1 Ravzie @DiverSheila
    April 26, 2011 at 6:57 am

    Don’t you think it’s the media that loves stuff like this???

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