Budget Shopping:Learn To Use QR Codes To Save Money

Ya know those funky, abstract images popping up everywhere?

They can actually save you money.

QR codes have been around for a few years, but they’re just now taking off in the US as more people become armed with smartphones.

Use your phone to scan the 2D image and you may just unlock some secret savings.
Mobile Coupons – Some brands are using QR codes as a way to hand out mobile coupons. Keep your eyes open for them posted at storefronts and on various products. A quick scan could put a money saving offer in your hand within seconds.
Event Deals – The Tour of California bike race which kicked off last week is using QR codes in a creative way. QR codes are hidden throughout the race and fans that find them get freebies, digital content and discount codes for merchandise. They’ll also be entered into a drawing to win a ticket to the exclusive post-race party in Los Angeles.
Free Content – QR codes are also a way to access exclusive and free content. For instance, punk trio Green Day put a QR code on the front cover of a new album. When fans scan the code they get access to a unique website with fresh material and even a chance to download one of their hit songs for free.
Win Prizes – Lots of companies are using QR codes as a creative way to give away great prizes. One example? Brad’s Raw Foods. Scan the QR code on their company blog for a chance to win free snacks and prizes.
Product Reviews – Home Depot recently rolled out a new QR code campaign with their Martha Stewart Collection. Before you buy, scan the QR codes to get immediate access to product reviews. You’ll know whether you’re about to waste your hard earned money on a poor product or if you’re making a wise purchase.

Have you been using QR codes in your shopping?


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