Use Mood, Tempo, Genre and Origin to Deliver Smarter Music Recommendations

Gracenote yesterday announced the new version of its Discover music recommendation technology, featuring the ability to create personalized Music Channels as well as the use of Mood and Tempo sonic attributes and music descriptors like Genre, Origin, Era and Artist Type to deliver smarter music recommendations across music catalogs.

Making Music Channels Personal

With Cloud music services offering access to millions of tracks from around the world, it becomes challenging for users to navigate and find what they really want to hear. Gracenote’s technology extracts the sonic attributes and music descriptors of millions of songs, and analyzes and filters this information to enable music fans to find new songs that intrigue them, rediscover old favorites and launch personalized Music Channels. Users can also customize their song requests or launch Music Channels based on mood characteristics, refining them even further by Genre, Era and other characteristics.

Here is a Music Channel example:
Origin—New York, USA
Genre—Hip Hop
Result: Depending on the music catalog, this Music Channel could feature tracks from “Public Enemy,” “Beastie Boys,” “Run DMC” or “A Tribe Called Quest.”

What’s Your Mood?

To better match music recommendations with everyone’s changing moods, Gracenote has developed “mood profiles” that are comprised of more than a hundred characteristics, ranging from “Upbeat” and “Sad” to “Calm” and “Defiant.” They can get Melancholy, rainy day songs when feeling down or Upbeat tracks when heading to the gym.

“Music can evoke strong emotions, making it critical for music services to provide compelling and personal experiences for their customers,” said Stephen White, senior vice president of product, content and marketing for Gracenote. “Our content, technology and services make it easy for music fans to launch channels and playlists that pinpoint their mood and musical style, and we are pleased to be partnering with music services that have a vision for their products and see the potential of Gracenote’s technology – now and in the future.”


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