This Is Amazing: New Study Says Key to Weight Loss is Using a Giant Fork, Wolfing Your Food

I’m beginning to think the more I try to do things “right”, the further from correct I will actually end up being.

You know all that advice about losing weight, such as eating slowly so you have a chance to get full, using smaller plates and the like?

Well, a new study says that’s no good at all. Instead, you should use big forks and wolf your food down quickly.


Time reports on an experiment researchers at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City performed. The results were just published in the Journal of Consumer Research. Test subjects were given dinner at a local Italian restaurant. Some patrons got big forks, some got forks that were much smaller than usual. The people with the giant forks ate less.

The researchers theorize that humans like to make progress when eating, so when they have bigger forks they eat more quickly, thereby reducing the amount of food on the plate at a faster pace. This is more satisfying than watching a plate of food slowly disappear as you nibble your way through your meal.

So dieters, head for your local novelty shop and purchase a giant fork. And please, don’t worry about what people think when you whip your giant utensils out of your purse at lunch and attack your plate like it’s your last meal on Earth. Simply explain that your actions are backed by the latest scientific research.

You can read the report in pdf format here.


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