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Robots Apply Eyeliner in Nars Cosmetics Film!

This is SO awesome: A robot applies eyeliner in this new video for Nars cosmetics’ new Larger than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner. The film shows two mechanical arms applying the shade Via Veneto to model Emily Baker. The robot even adjusts Emily’s head by grabbing it in its large metal hand. Take a look:


Report: Lip Color Sales Up 11% in First Four Months of 2011

A report from the NPD Group indicates that sales in the prestige lip segment climbed 7% in the first four months of 2011. The prestige lip segment includes lip color, lip liner, lip gloss, and lip applicators. Lip color was the bestselling item in the segement, according to the NPD’s BeautyTrends report, with sales up 11% in the first four months of 2011.

Here is a list of the five bestselling lip color products from January to April 2011 according to data from The NPD Group / BeautyTrends.

  1. MAC Lipstick
  2. Lancome L’Absolu Rouge
  3. Clinique Long Last Soft Shine Lipstick
  4. Lauder Pure Color Lipstick New
  5. Chanel Rouge Coco Shine

Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles in Fia at CMT Awards

Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles was spotted on the CMT Awards red carpet tonight carrying the FiaFan clutch in black — isn’t it the perfect sexy complement to her rocking outfit?

Available for $334 at, the Fan also comes in mustard, red and charcoal.


Architect Barbie Coming Out This Fall!

The latest career move for Barbie is in the field of architecture!

Architect Barbie wears a dress with a cityscape print, has a mega cool hard hat on her side and she’s carrying her building designs in a pink tube on her back.

I love her!

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) says that 17% of AIA members were women as of November, 2010. Kelly Hayes McAlonie, AIA, LEED AP, an Associate Director of the Capital Planning Group at the University at Buffalo and 2011 President-Elect for AIA New York State, says, “This is a wonderful opportunity for little girls to see how they can influence their environment and dream about becoming an architect and shaping their community. Pop culture influences our career decisions and Barbie, for little girls, is an important influence. The fact that this is occurring on the 125th anniversary of women in architecture makes this event even more special.”

Photo: Mattel


Ashley Tisdale Eats While Makeup Artist Puts on Her Eye Lashes

Ashley Tisdale posted this photograph on Twitter and said, “This is what I look like eating lunch (Karan my makeup artist is putting my eye lashes on).”

I appreciate the effort to save time, but this looks like it makes both tasks more complicated. At least Ashley appears to be eating a nice healthy lunch. I hope an eye lash doesn’t drop into it.

Photo: Ashley Tisdale, via yfrog


Project: Beauty (Bloggers) for Good

As you know, many of us in the beauty realm have an apartment full of products.

It’s not that it’s not all awesome stuff – it’s just there’s no time to use it all, and what may eventually go to waste on our end can be really appreciated by someone else.

But this week is Thanksgiving, and I’ve long considered the idea that taking what feels like excess lotions and shadows to me to a local domestic violence shelter could make a world of difference to someone. Having soft hands or being able to wear pretty lipstick when everything else is in shambles around you can really help you to maintain your humanity in the worst of situations. And we all hope that by giving a little of what we are so lucky to have, we can make someone’s Thanksgiving today just a little bit better.

So, Shannon from A Girl’s Gotta Spa (linked below) came up with the idea for all of us to join together, fill up giants bags and boxes of our stuff, and bring it to a local shelter today at the same time, in our various corners of the world. Perhaps in some little way we can make a difference!

Here is the list of everyone participating–everyone is posting about it this morning, in honor of Thanksgiving, so it’s a great time to go visit each of our blogs and get to know everyone a little better!

A Girl’s Gotta Spa!
Beautiful Makeup Search
Beauty Blogging Junkie
Beauty Junkies Unite
Mischo Beauty
Product Girl
Retrodiva’s Beauty
The Product Pasha


Follow As I Live Blog the MTV Video Music Awards this Sunday

Greetings from the trenches of NYFW!

As some of you know, I wear several hats — by day, I do the beauty/fashion editor thing, but I also am very involved in the world of lifestyles and music writing!

Alas, I will not be headed out to LA to attend the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards — I could not with NYFW going on at the same time! – but I will be holding a viewing party, sponsored by Proactiv that night, to remain in the spirit of things.

Proactiv’s two celeb spokespeople, Justin Bieber and Katy Perry are both up for awards. Justin Bieber  is up for “Best New Artist” for “Baby” and Katy Perry is up for  “Best Pop Video” and “Best Female Video” for “California Gurls” — this makes it an extra great opportunity to be partnering with the brand for this show!

The awards are Sunday, September 12th at 9/8 CST and during the show I’ll (along with some friends!) be tweeting about Justin, Katy, celeb skin, the show, the dresses, the random snacks at my party, cocktails, basically anything on my mind (except not cupcakes this time, I promise! Though that rocked too!) Some deets to keep in mind for those following along on Twitter:

My twitter: @alywalansky

Proactiv Twitter: @Proactiv
Our hashtag for the evening will be: #ProactivVMAs
Katy Twitter: @KatyPerry
Justin Twitter: @JustinBieber

I hope some of you “virtually” join us!

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