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Dirty Dream Alert: Henry Cavill as Superman

Girls, your panties are about to get a bit of a jolt…

Warner Bros. has released the first photograph of Henry Cavill as Superman. He certainly looks the part as he appears to be removing a large, heavy steel door.

God, I want him to use some of that steel on me…


Cavill talked to Total Film about his diet and workout to get buff for the Superman role. Cavill says, “I’m on 5,000 calories a day…You’ve got to eat protein first, then a little bit of carbs…you’ve gotta keep your hunger levels going. I’m training two and a half hours a day, pushing my body beyond its normal limits, putting on a lot of muscle mass and just making myself look like Superman.”

The reboot is being directed by Zack Snyder. Amy Adams plays Lois Lane. Diane Lane and Kevin Costner play Martha and Jonathan Kent. The film will not be released until June 14, 2013.

Who is going with me???

Photo: Warner Bros.


Old Spice Guy Emerges Victorious in Epic Struggle With Fabio

After a lengthy and exhausting four day battle of words and wits, the Old Spice Guy and the New Old Spice Guy, Fabio, finally began their duel. Sort of. It turns out that the solution to the dispute involved time travel. And interstellar travel. And some really bad magic tricks on Fabio’s part. Old Spice Guy emerged victorious and retained his Crown. His Title. His….amazing abs. Ahem. This one gets a little surreal, but it is still pretty awesome.


LOVE IT: Fabio Challenges Isaiah Mustafa to a Duel on the Internets

Fabio, the new Old Spice Guy, has challenged Isaiah Mustafa, the old Old Spice Guy, to a duel.

Isaiah has accepted the challenge!

The battle will commence tomorrow on the Internets at noon EST. Isaiah says, “Yes, Fabio I accept your challenge, Mano a Mano in El Bano.”

Footage of the battle will be available on the Old Spice’s Youtube channel. Take a look:


This is So Cute: Dogs Try to Drag Pool Indoors to Escape Heat

These dogs love their little kiddie pool, but they do not like this summer’s intense heat wave. (Who can blame them?!)

They are so smart that they decide the best thing to do is to bring the little pool indoors. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work out very well. You can see another video of one the dogs, named Gus, enjoying the little pool here.


The End of an Era: Borders to Shut Down

Coming from someone who looks for Borders to loiter in as I travel, this is quite a blow: Borders will be shutting down.

A lot of us saw it coming, they’ve been in trouble for a while — the company will sell itself to liquidators after failing to find a buyer for its remaining stores that wanted to keep the stores open.

Borders currently operates 399 stores and employs approximately 10,700 employees, and liqudation at the remaining stores is expected to begin for some stores as early as Friday, July 22. The program is expected to conclude by the end of September.

At the very least, there’s a silver lining — liquidation sales!!!



Gorgeous: Victoria Beckham Posts First Photo of Harper Seven

I like to pretend I don’t have a maternal instinct, but this photo is making me quiver in all sorts of surprising ways: Victoria Beckham posted this adorable first photo of her new baby Harper Seven being held by her husband David Beckham.

How gorgeous are they (BOTH?!)

David is touching noses with his tiny daughter.  (Awww!)

Victoria tweeted “Daddy’s little girl! X VB X”


This Is Amazing: New Study Says Key to Weight Loss is Using a Giant Fork, Wolfing Your Food

I’m beginning to think the more I try to do things “right”, the further from correct I will actually end up being.

You know all that advice about losing weight, such as eating slowly so you have a chance to get full, using smaller plates and the like?

Well, a new study says that’s no good at all. Instead, you should use big forks and wolf your food down quickly.


Time reports on an experiment researchers at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City performed. The results were just published in the Journal of Consumer Research. Test subjects were given dinner at a local Italian restaurant. Some patrons got big forks, some got forks that were much smaller than usual. The people with the giant forks ate less.

The researchers theorize that humans like to make progress when eating, so when they have bigger forks they eat more quickly, thereby reducing the amount of food on the plate at a faster pace. This is more satisfying than watching a plate of food slowly disappear as you nibble your way through your meal.

So dieters, head for your local novelty shop and purchase a giant fork. And please, don’t worry about what people think when you whip your giant utensils out of your purse at lunch and attack your plate like it’s your last meal on Earth. Simply explain that your actions are backed by the latest scientific research.

You can read the report in pdf format here.

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